Monday, August 23, 2010

Two-Foot Crocodile (Alligator?) Caught in New York City

"Urban legend comes to life, maybe: Baby crocodile hiding under car shocks Queens"
New York Daily News (August 23, 2010)

"A crocodile caused a commotion in Queens Sunday when it was cornered under a car.

"Yes, a crocodile.

" 'Before you ask, no cops could confirm it came out of the sewer,' said police spokesman James Duffy, referring to an urban legend that such reptiles live in the city's sewer system.

"Duffy said it remained a mystery where the 2-foot-long baby reptile came from.

" 'No one's come forward and said, "Hey, I lost a crocodile," ' said Duffy, adding that cops initially thought that the creature was an alligator.

"Pictures of the creature suggest it might indeed be a gator, which have U-shaped snouts while crocodiles' are V-shaped...."

Whatever it is, the two-foot-long reptile was caught with a noose on a pole, its mouth wrapped with black electrical tape, and then taken to the local precinct.

Why the tape? Things like that bite, and have sharp teeth.

Urban legends notwithstanding, the odds are that the critter is an escaped pet.

The Lemming tried to come up with something clever, playing off the old "take a bite out of crime" slogan: but got nothing.

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