Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's Sort-of-Red and Black! It Saves the Planet!!

"2011 HumanCar® Inc. Imagine PS - PHEV/Power Station"

HumanCar, YouTube (July 30, 2010)
video, 2:54

"...This car is beautiful and it handles like a dream. It's fast, sexy, makes you ultra healthy and oh yeah, saves the planet. Welcome to the future."

My hat's off to whoever designed the chassis: there's an attention to aesthetics that 'relevant' gadgets like this don't always display. Still: "saves the planet?" That sort of hyperbole reminds me of terribly-earnest folks back in the sixties. And, I think, does not favors for people today who are trying to come up with practical and efficient new technologies.

The video's background music is nice, though.

And I'm glad to see that the fellow who's driving the thing is enjoying himself.

Me? I live in central Minnesota: and pushing that thing along would get mighty chilly during February.

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