Thursday, August 26, 2010

And Now, for Something Completely Different: A Video in Somali, with English Captioning

"Ku Soo Dhawoow Maktabadaada – Welcome to Your Library!"
Lewiston Public Library, Lewiston, Maine

"This short video in the Somali language with English subtitles provides information for the Somali community on how to use the library. Special thanks to the Hennepin County/Minneapolis (MN) Public Library....

"Produced in 2005 by Cobblestone Films, with the cooperation of Rochester (MN) Public Library, Owatonna Public Library, and the State of Minnesota, with grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)...."

They've got the video on YouTube:

"Waa filin Af Soomaali ah oo"

asepahsalar, YouTube (April 01, 2008)
video, 8:59

"Ku Soo Dhawoow Maktabadaada: Video"

I found the Lewiston Public Library's page, and that video, while discovering which language Ku Soo Dhawoow is in. I've read the phrase on a clinic's sign, and since the same message's repeated three times three languages, I figured the one I didn't understand meant the same as the first two. Sort of like the Rosetta Stone.

Anyway, I discovered that Ku Soo Dhawoow is Somali, meaning "welcome:" or something pretty close to that idea.

I also learned that outfits in Minnesota have been partly responsible for putting together a sort of educational video. It's got English subtitles - which is probably handy for folks learning to read English - and very useful for me, since I know only one phrase in Somali.

The Minnesota connection in a Somali-language video isn't all that odd. Many Somalis decided to risk going to a foreign country, instead of dealing with war and a barely-functioning economy where they were born. A considerable number of them came to America: and a large number of those came to Minnesota.

Trust me on this: They didn't come for the climate.

Basically, Minnesota is one of America's leading poultry states: and that industry includes jobs where you don't need to speak fluent English. I've discussed Minnesota's attractions in another blog. (Another War-on-Terror Blog (December 4, 2008)

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