Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gems of Architecture: Lansing, Michingan

"Greater Lansing area offers architectural gems"
LSJ.com (August 15, 2010)

"When sculpture is something more than art, when it's to be worked in and lived in and played in, we call it architecture.

"Functional sculpture — architecture of significance — is part of Greater Lansing's landscape from the state Capitol and much written about Frank Lloyd Wright house in Okemos to the bits of gingerbread that dangle from the eaves of your own home.

"We are surrounded by it.

"Board of Water & Light, 148 S. Cedar St., Lansing.

"There's a power and serenity at the treatment plant on South Cedar Street in Lansing.

"And from the moment you approach the main door, you can't help but feel a sort of public nobility, a blending of dutiful functionality with art and symbolism.

"Above the main brass doors of this 1938-39 art-moderne structure, you're confronted with a concrete relief of Aquarius the water bearer, pouring water to infants, which represent Lansing...."

The article's probably of more use to you if you're visiting Lansing, Michigan: or live there. Still, it's a rather nice set of thumbnail descriptions of several notable buildings in the city.

I think it also makes a point: architecture is about more than just keeping the rain off. It's a sort of art: daring, delightful, daft, or whatever.

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