Tuesday, April 20, 2010



Doesn't that make this post look, like, you know: relevant?

Oh, and, uh, real sincere?

Let's face it: a few folks are a tad intense about Saving the Gay and Lesbian Codependent Whales, or whatever the crise de la journée is.

Earth Day #40

I live on Earth, and have a personal stake in the planet's management. But I've learned a few things since 1970. Including how to take a deep breath and give assertions a second look.

Which is why I'm celebrating Earth Day 2010 by discussing lint. Is the Lemming making fun of Earth Day, or waging a one-critter campaign to awaken America to the value of lint? That's something even I'm not sure about.

Posts about Earth Day, people, and lint:

Lint: The Undervalued, Misunderstood Sustainable Resource

Come, gather round, and let us meditate upon lint.

No, really.

The stuff that builds up in dryer filters, gathers in pockets, and occasionally catches fire: lint.

(I know: Everybody doesn't use clothes dryers. The family I grew up in didn't. Times change.)

Technology's Stepchild: Lint

Although Americans don't have to wash organic fertilizer off their clean, dry clothes very often these days, we do deal with a lot more lint than our ancestors did.

If we're smart, we clean the dryer's lint filters and exhaust vents regularly. If we're not, sometimes we experience the excitement of trying to evacuate a building that's on fire.

Odds are pretty good that you've tossed dryer lint in the trash.

What waste! Oh, the agony!

But wait! All hope is not lost! Yes! You can recycle lint!

Which is why I've been celebrating this year's Earth Day by discussing lint. Mostly, how it can be recycled, instead of thrown away.

Even better, it's sustainable!

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