Friday, April 2, 2010

"Monkey See, Monkey Blue" - Who Knows? Somebody May Try This

"Monkey cops, when it's a jungle out there!"
Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (April 1, 2010)

"Okay boys, prepare yourselves for the new smash hit series of the fall TV season. This is the kind of high concept creativity that made network programming what it is today.

"It's about this small town that can't afford to fund its police force, so a bunch of monkeys come out of the jungle and take over the cop duties. Is that brilliant, or what?

"We're calling it 'Monkey See, Monkey Blue.'

"Imagine the possibilities! Milk come out of my nose when I think of monkey cops driving patrol cars, shooting at bad guys, eating doughnuts all the time….

"In the teaser a monkey cop handcuffs a robber, see, and then he takes out his Miranda card, we zoom in on his face, and he just grins and says, “Ooh ooh ooh..."

What's a little scary is that I can imagine a studio trying something like that. When you think about it, the premise isn't all that much less reasonable than many that have been made.

Besides: the 'Monkey cop' is real. He's not actually a law enforcement officer, though: more of a mascot.

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