Thursday, April 29, 2010

"iTunes account hacked" - Widespread and Under-Reported?

"Hacked! iTunes account compromised"
Craig Berry, Tech Bites (Undated, prob. posted recently)

"After working on the web for almost 15 years, 12 of those working in Information Technology, and doing a considerable amount of work in computer forensics and security, you’d think I picked up a thing or two about how to protect yourself online. Nonetheless, I got hacked. Specifically, my Apple iTunes account was hacked.

"Synopsis on how it went down…

" * Was trying to update an app on my iPad. After submitting my iTunes password, I kept getting incorrect password errors.
" * I went online to my iTunes account and reset the password. I was then able to log into iTunes, but my apps appeared to be associated with a different account. I figured something got corrupted with my account.
" * Contacted Apple support, and was eventually transferred...."

There's more. Quite a bit more. This is one of the more detailed, calm discussions of a hacked account - by the victim - that I've read.

iTunes Accounts Hacked - Credit Card Data May be Vulnerable

Craig Berry, the Tech Bites blogger may have company. Lots of company: "...After doing some Googling on 'itunes account hacked', it seems that this problem might be widespread and under-reported....."

I tried Googling "itunes account hacked," and got about 53,900 results. Some of them are the sort of "I hate itunes" mini-rant that I tend to take with a truckload of salt, and a few in the top 10 results all seemed to be discussions of the same incident: but many folks seem to have had trouble with iTunes like Craig Berry did.

From the sounds of it, having an iTunes account is fine - if you remove credit card information from your account. Which my household has done, now. (I interrupted writing this post to have that done.)

The "Hacked" post ends with some really good advice: basically, stay on top of your financial information: and if you see that you've been buying stuff and don't remember it - act promptly.
A tip of the hat to , on Twitter, for the heads-up on this post.


Optimist said...

I'm dealing with the same problem. Tried to buy an app from my iPhone last week and password wouldn't work. iTunes account email and password had been changed and had three fraudulent charges for gift cards on my Amex statement.
After both email and telephone conversations with Apple, they are still insisting my account (that I've had since 2004) isn't my "main" account - that my Mobleme id is my itunes id. Wrong. I still cannot download app updates to iTunes - it says I don't "own the major version of this software" This is problematic for me since I have purchased thousands of songs and a bunch of apps - that I don't "own" any more!

Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...


I hope you get that situation sorted out. Best wishes, by the way.

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