Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Tuttles: A Family of Four in Cyberland

"The Tuttles Madcap Adventures"

"Travel through trap-ridden landscapes with the members of the Tuttle Family on their collecting adventure!..."

"...Collect all objects you can while avoiding obstacles and dangerous objects. When you have collected the main objects of each level, head to the exit."

Rated four of five hearts.

This online game has you guiding the Tuttles - a family of four - toward prizes and away from obstacles. You 'attack enemies' by pushing the space bar.

Mom Tuttle attacks with a hefty swing of her purse. (Don't laugh: those things can be massive.) The game starts with mom Tuttle going through a store, picking up floating gems and toilet paper, and avoiding spills on the floor.

Dad's next, flying the family van (it's got wings and tail fins). The van doesn't seem to have an attack mode: pressing the space bar speeds it up. His obstacles are mostly ducks with absolutely no sense of self-preservation.

This game isn't going to replace Mario Brothers, but it's fun - and free. The game play is strictly in the two dimensions of the screen, but the graphics are pretty good, and give an passable illusion of depth. The background music is a notch or two above 'elevator music,' and the characters comment on their actions as they go along.

A tip of the hat to #3 daughter, for pointing this game out to me.

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