Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Museum of [Residential] Architecture [in Victoria]

The Museum of Architecture

The Museum of Architecture is a sort of blog, with lots of photos and just enough text to identify the buildings shown. The most recent posts display four good-quality photos each, with links to pages with more information: I was particularly impressed at the consistent format, which includes interior shots: and even more pleased to see links to what appear to be the sources for this blog's information.

The posts do concentrate quite heavily on 'modern' structures. The charm of modernism's stack-of-packing-crates look in architecture has worn a bit thin over the decades: but these buildings were designed by architects who are either skilled at designing attractive large-scale sculptures - or incredibly lucky.

I'll assume that it's skill.

The Architecture Museum, judging from the last few months of posts, displays a rather narrow range of buildings: both in style and location. But, given that limitation, it's a well-crafted and informative blog.

And, a bit of fun for this architecture fan.

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