Monday, July 27, 2009

Have You Seen Luke Dillier? - Probable Abduction

Posts on this blog are generally 'lighter' than this, but there's a remote chance that you can help with a missing-person case in the general area of Dallas, Texas.
"Luke Dillier Update: Our Friend's Son has been Abducted!"
Colleen Hammond (last update July 27, 2009)

"UPDATE (Monday, 7AM): Nothing new to report. If you would like to help, please contact every Religious order that you know of and ask them to pray for Luke's safe return!..."

"...UPDATE 5 (Sunday 11:30am CDT): No new news and no new leads.

"The local news media is reticent to cover the story unless the police are involved and 'won't touch it'. Right now, the authorities are considering Luke a 'runaway', which means they will do nothing more.

"The local news media is considering running it from the 'community support and social networking' angle...."

"...Luke went (with his mother and brother) to his (his brother's) violin lesson on Friday July 24, 2009 around 9 AM in Richardson, Texas (a suburb of Dallas, in the area of Coit and 635). He had forgotten something in his van and left (his mother and brother in) the instructor's house to go out and retrieve it. He never returned. When he was questioned, a neighbor of the violin instructor recalled hearing a scream at about the same time Luke was outside the house.

"The suspected foul play is under investigation by local police. (Foul play is NOT suspected and the police are no longer investigating.) His father Steve is trying to get home from out of state and his older brother is out at sea with the Coast Guard. (Both are no home.)

"Luke is 15 years old, about 6′2″ and 190 pounds. His picture is at the right. [below, in this post]

"Please share this and pray for his return to his family….safe, healthy, and unharmed physically, mentally, or spiritually...."

It's possible that the police have a reasonable motive for considering Luke Dillier a runaway - apart from his being a six-foot-two-inch teenager: and therefore 'big enough to look after himself.' Perhaps I'm being unkind or unfair.

The point remains, though, that Luke Dillier is missing. His parents don't know where he is. And they, reasonably enough, want to find him.

There is a chance that Luke Dillier is still alive. If so, you may have seen him.

If you have, I hope you will call one of the two telephone numbers given:

972 213 8720
214 695 6502

As I wrote elsewhere, "Child abduction is a lively topic for me - Jacob Wetterling was taken not all that far down the road from here."
A tip of the hat to ColleenMHammond, on Twitter, for bringing this matter to my attention.

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