Monday, July 6, 2009

Australian Birds in Art

"Birds of Australia / Browse the works"
Talbot Family Treasures Wall, Queensland government

This page displays thumbnails of images from a collection of bird paintings. Paintings of birds, that is. Clicking on the images gets you into a sort of slideshow that includes "Neville W. Cayley (1886 – 1950), ... Birds of the forest borders and grass lands," "Gregory M. Matthews (1876 – 1949) Chalcophaps chrysochroa (Little green pigeon)," and "Neville W. Cayley (1886 – 1950) ...Blue fairy wrens and Fuchsia heath."

The larger images are pretty good quality, but on my browser part of the page navigation lay over part of the image.

The collection - eight pictures on this page and more elsewhere - shows a variety of birds rendered by several artists: and seems to be a pretty good introduction to birds in at least part of Australia.


Plumbing Bellflower, CA said...


<3 Lindsay

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Plumbing Bellflower, CA,

Thanks for the comment: and glad you enjoyed the paintings. I quite agree.

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