Monday, July 20, 2009

Now You, Too, Can Live in a Rusty Equipment Shed

"Not Your Fathers Mobile Home"
HDF/ (July 15, 2009)

(from HDF/, used w/o permission)

"And not your fathers mobile home park either:

"The owner purchased the site, formerly a RV campground, with the aim of allowing the landscape return to its natural state. It had been a flood plain meadow in an alpine river valley.

"Then, the concept was to have simple mobile structures able to roll into and set up on the site, yet to provide clearance for nature below each hut...."

This post describes an imaginative, relatively low-impact, approach to putting an equivalent of (small) mobile homes on land, uses words like "sustainable," and has five photos which give a pretty good idea of what the place looks like. There's even a close-up of the wheels that these things rest on.

It's by far not the goofiest 'green' idea I've seen to date.

The author has the good sense to call the structures 'huts' - I'm not clear on whether they're imagined as permanent residences or vacation dwellings. The exterior materials are fairly common: steel, plywood and car-decking. And, just to show how 'green' the project is, the metal is allowed to rust.


Well, grass does grow under the huts - and they don't look any worse than the back buildings on some of the less-well-kept-up farms around here.

I suppose I don't come from the right culture to really appreciate these enviro-huts. I'm a town boy, but I grew up in an area where agribusiness is important: and I don't see the thrill of living in something that looks like a semi-abandoned equipment shed on wheels.

Still: this is a pretty good overview of a clever idea.

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