Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Toothpicks, Creativity, and Time: Lots of Toothpicks, Lots of time

"Man builds toothpick city June 18, 2009"

CNN, YouTube (June 18, 2009)
video 2:01

"Scott Weaver used over a million toothpicks to build a San Francisco model. And he rejected Ripley's $40,000 offer."

Mr. Weaver took 34 years to build a seven-foot-wide by nine-foot-tall toothpick sculpture - with 50 feet of ping-pong ball tracks.

It's folk art, we're told. The ABC-7 reporter told us that we were supposed to see this in a particular way: "In a world going ditto-head, one that bucks the trend..."

I'm more inclined to listen to what Mr. Weaver had to say: "...the lesson in this is 'What do we do with our time.' And I love to create, and I like to show people what can be done in life if you spend to create, to use your imagination."

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