Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lemming Tracks: The Lemming is Stuck

The Lemming would have today's three posts done by now, except for one little problem.

Except for Google and Blogger, which is now a Google service, The Lemming hasn't been able to view any websites. Since I do micro-reviews of pages I find, that rather severely limits what this Apathetic Lemming can do.

I think the problem isn't at my end, but I can't be sure. I lost connection with Twitter - and just about everything else - within the hour.

Just now (8:59 p.m. Central) I got a sluggish connection to the St. Cloud Times: a newspaper in St. Cloud, about 45 miles away. This could be a regional problem.

And, a minute later, lost that connection. I'm posting this while (I hope) I've still got Blogger online.

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