Thursday, June 25, 2009

These Houses aren't Invisible: They're Underground

"Michael Hill's 'invisible' houses get go-ahead" (June 18, 2009)

"Jewellery magnate Michael Hill is to get his underground houses.

"In a decision released yesterday, independent commissioners granted Hill resource consent to build 17 subterranean dwellings on and around his Arrowtown golf course.

"The approval flies in the face of a recommendation by Queenstown Lakes District Council planners that the application be declined..."

"...He said the design shied away from the resort-style courses that were popular in the United States.

" 'The Americans put a big colonial clubhouse at the back of the 18th and fill the fairways with homes.

" 'For me, that spoils everything. We want it to be like a Scottish course, where you see nothing. These homes will be invisible.'..."

The article gives a pretty good overview of what Mr. Hill plans to do with his housing development. The plan is to have 14 houses, built from seven available plans. They're rather posh, from the sound of it, with amenities like lap pools, wine cellars, libraries, and "outdoor fireplaces and/or courtyards."

The usual lawn furnishings, like trampolines, are strictly prohibited, though.

From the 2007 artist's impression shown, the houses should be intriguing and attractive. Those limitations on what you can do with your home make be glad that I live well outside the high-end neighborhoods, though.


paula said...
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Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...

Paula M,

Agreed: Those are impressive houses. And, so far, a rather rare sort.

Lovely Padillo said...
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Mark Joshua Santos said...

WOW! The house is really beautiful! This is the first time that I see a property like this and I am so amazed. Thanks for sharing! :) I want to live in a house like this but right now I am living at Avida condo in Cebu because it's very near to my work.

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