Sunday, June 28, 2009

Backyard Roller Coaster: Lots of Fun

"Kid Builds Roller Coaster in Backyard, Calls it Exscream"
TechEBlog (June 25, 2009)

"While some kids are out playing, 'coasterdude' decided to design and build a roller coaster in his very own backyard. Sure, it may not look like much, but enjoying the fruits of your labor...."

This brief post includes a photo and a video (2:23).

The coaster "may not look like much" in comparison to what we see at a Six Flags, but it's an impressive bit of backyard engineering.

The two comments to this post say quite a bit, I think, about human nature and the silly side of American law:

"Mom in me says, 'that looks dangerous!' kid in me says, 'WOO HOO ! I'm next! I want one!!!' "

"Here in America I'm pretty sure this kid would get fined by the police and sued by someone."

As far as being dangerous goes, the thing isn't more that around six feet or two meters, tall. Yes, the kid could fall off it, or get his fingers caught under the wheels: but I've gotten rather weary of living in a bubble-wrapped culture.

Since I am an American, I'd better point out thatBubble Wrap® is a registered trademark of Sealed Air.

While I'm on the subject, be warned that jars of peanuts, labeled "PEANUTS," contain peanuts. You can't make up that sort of thing. (February 27, 2008)

A more serious warning: Either my browser got stuck, or the TechEBlog is one of those clever websites that disable the 'back' button. I generally don't return to that sort: but you do as you see fit.

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