Saturday, June 27, 2009

Six Ways to Help You Sleep

"6 New Insights on Sleep" (April 24, 2009)

"I took these 6 excepts from a larger article which I encourage you to read here. These 6 were the insights I hadn't heard about.

1. Tuck a hot-water bottle between your feet or wear a pair of ski socks to bed. The science is a little complicated, but warm feet help your body's internal temperature get to the optimal level for sleep. Essentially, you sleep best when your core temperature drops. By warming your feet, you make sure blood flows well through your legs, allowing your trunk to cool....

First, kudos to Graeme Franks, for telling where he got the information. I replicated his link, in the quote. (It's from Reader's Digest: "Achieve a Deep, Uninterrupted Sleep / 24 ways to get the rest you need.)

The other five points, like the first, include an explanation for why they're supposed to work. Mr. Franks' sixth point, journaling just before going to bed, is something I haven't run into before: and makes good sense.

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