Monday, June 1, 2009

Online Color Wheel: Dial Your Own Color Scheme

Color Scheme Designer
2002–2009 © Petr Stanicek • Version 3.0

Mostly, this website is fun.

You can use the interactive page to create a color scheme with one color, complimentary colors, a triad, a tetrad, analogous colors, or an "accented analogic" scheme. Sounds complicated, but all there is to it is dialing around a color wheel - with the option of making a few adjustments.

You can look at light and dark web page mockup of the scheme you make.

And, what makes this something more than a toy, it's possible to export information about the scheme you come up with.

This won't put professional artists and Web designers out of business: but it's fun, and potentially useful for someone who needs to design a color scheme.

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