Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Utterly Useless Toy Robot: I Like It


"It looks like a destruction-dealing machine of doom from a science fiction movie, but the Climbatron's purpose in life is much more peaceful.

"This bipedal robot has a suction pad on the bottom of each of its two big feet. Stick it to a window, and off it'll go, stomping slowly upwards.

"Provided the window and the suction cups are clean, it'll keep going till it reaches the top. Unfortunately, with the single mindedness typical of robots, ...."

Offhand, I can think of few things as utterly useless as Climbatron. And I wouldn't mind having one.

This window-climbing, ten centimeter tall, robot from England (Herefordshire, more precisely) looks like a lot of fun. And, at £7.95, it's not crazily expensive. (I thought that was about $14.46 USD, but it turned out I was wrong.)

ShinyShack's Climbatron page includes a video of the little robot in action.

Fun! Useless, but fun.

For people who don't live in the United Kingdom, ShinyShack does business through their international site, Go to that website's Climbatron page, and you'll learn that the price is about €9.91, or US$15.66.

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