Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lego™ Miniman: Cultural Icon Turned 30

This morning, my son asked me if I knew that the Lego man was 30 years old. I'd run into that fact earlier, but I didn't know that the Lego minifigure had its own website: Go Miniman Go.

And, more to the point for this blog, I'd completely missed my opportunity to do an anniversary post. So, on the 'better late than ever' principle, here goes.
  • Go Miniman Go
    The minifigure's own website
  • "The Lego Minifig Turns 30"
    geekdad, Wired Blog Network (August 26, 2008)
    • "On August 25, 1978, the Lego minifigure was born. This was a hugely important transition for Lego. For many years they sold sets allowing builders to create cars or buildings, but something was missing -- a human element. The minifig gave them that humanity, and very quickly it became an iconic symbol of the company second only to the brick itself...."
  • "Let's Party! Iconic LEGO Man Toy Turns 30"
    FOXNews (August 25, 2008)
    • "NEW YORK — Happy birthday, LEGO man!
    • "On Monday, one of America's favorite yellow toy figures turns 30 years old. He's having a birthday party, and yes, you're invited.
    • "If you lost touch with him long ago, it's time to catch up with your old childhood friend. Here's what he's been up to: He's held a variety of jobs over the years, from secret agent to superhero, traveled the world, made loads of friends and has been to his share of glitzy parties...."
  • "LEGO® Minifigure Turns 30"
    Bionicle™ - BZPower (August 25, 2008)
    • "ENFIELD, Conn. (August 25, 2008) � A global pop culture icon turned 30 today and is celebrating a list of accomplishments and adventures that would overwhelm and astonish any self-described overachiever...."
    • "...Online video, contests, downloads, news, games and more encourage fans to rekindle the joy and adventure the minifigure represented when they were young. The online celebration is happening now at"
    • "A Legend is Born
      • "In 1973, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, son of the company founder, challenged designers to add a new dimension of play to the LEGO building experience...."
      • ""...The very first minifigure was a police officer, followed by a fireman, a nurse, astronauts, medieval knights, a gas station attendant and a construction worker...."
Videos from the Go Miniman Go! Website:
"Go Miniman Go"

YouTube video (1:00)

It's a sort of short music video, showing Miniman: in Star Wars settings, a disco, a street and a subway; playing hockey in the Olympics; inspecting a satellite; skateboarding; and finally at a rock concert.
"Living in Meatspace"

Living in Meatspace — Gizmodo and Lego Go Miniman Go Contest from Jesus Diaz on Vimeo.

Video (4:41)

This stop-action animation is a short comedy - or maybe a drama - about two young men. Minimen, actually.

One of them is sane, the other has what might charitably be called an active imagination.

Fun. I've watched a few times, so far.

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