Sunday, August 31, 2008

Better ideas from England: Concept Car With Built-in Gym

"GYM Concept Car Powered By Your Exercises"
DeviceDaily (August 29, 2008)

"The future is coming and in the future, the cars powered by fossil fuels will be forgotten therefore designers will have to come up with new ideas for new types of fuel. While hybrid and solar-powered cars seem to have an advantage, the GYM concept car comes with a new and revolutionary idea: a car which harnesses the energy from your workout...."

The post cites this as its source:

"GYM Concept Car"
100 Percent Car (August 25, 2008)

"The GYM Concept comprises of a single-seat cockpit surrounded by a lightweight injection molded magnesium alloy chassis and built in exercise machines. Covering the chassis is a minimal amount of carbon-fibre bodywork, giving the car a purposeful appearance which was in part inspired by WW2 fighter aircraft

"Inside the GYM Concept Car is where things get interesting. Powering the car is an electric motor and battery pack. The batteries are charged either through a handy plug-in socket, or by harnessing the energy created by the driver when parked up and working out using the built in array of exercise equipment, which includes a stepping machine, rowing machine, bench press, pull up simulator and arm weights! This is not just some dated peddle kart...."

This second post says that this not-a-peddle-kart was designed by a competition held by P4 Cad Cam Services, a British Company.

Both posts include quite a few photos.

What's particularly interesting to me is that the second post in particular seems to take the idea of a combination car/gym quite seriously. "...While the idea of a car incorporating a gym might seem completely crazy to many people, this is exactly what a concept car should do, challenge the conventional ideas of transportation and offer alternative solutions to various scenarios...."

True enough: but I think bicycles and pogo sticks offer a more efficient combination of transportation, exercise, and fun: and at lower cost.

More ideas - good, dubious, and strange - at "Better Ideas From ... "

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