Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Toddler and a Dog: Cute, Funny Video; Daft Comments

"Dog and baby play in the kitchen"
BoreMe (undated: probably around June, 2008)

"Four legged child minder"

Video (0:46)

Personally, I liked this video. And the toddler seemed to be thoroughly enjoying playing with a kitchen door. He (or maybe she) didn't stop laughing.

I trust that you'll enjoy this video.

Some people didn't, however.

One of the comments, signed "A sensible parent:" "Oh yeh, very funny, especially when the dog bites the childs face off - poor little Johnny, he was such a sweet boy, the dog loved him, wail wail. These idiots don't deserve a child."

Since I do not wish to unduly shock or offend viewers, I offer these cautions:
  • The toddler is standing on an uncarpeted floor
    • Which may be slippery if wet
    • Without
      • Safety helmet
      • Elbow padding
      • Other protective gear
  • There is a dog in close proximity which could
    • Have rabies
    • Suddenly turn on the toddler
    • Be related to the Hound of the Baskervilles
If you are so hardened and callous as to be undismayed by a toddler recklessly exposed to such dangers, I think you'll enjoy the video.


Brigid said...

You forgot to put the url in the link.

Actually, I think the dog is a much better parent than the biological ones. Look at how he's protecting the toddler from the possibility of sharp objects inside the drawer! Why, the parents don't even have safety bars on the doors to prevent the child from getting in them!

(end sarcasm)

Brian H. Gill said...


Thanks for catching that.

Besides the glitch you found, the website has re-organized itself, leaving a path of broken links.

I'm inclined to agree with you about the dog: although this little human's parents seem to have their heads on straight. It's the people leaving those bizarrely maiden-auntish comments that I worry about.

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