Saturday, November 7, 2009

USS New York (LPD 21)

USS New York (LPD 21)
USS New York's website

"Strength forged through sacrifice"
"Never forget"

That last phrase, "Never forget" is on the crest of the USS New York. There's a pretty good description of the crest, and a picture of it, on the USS New York's website. ( Also, a history of other United States Navy ships named New York over the last couple of centuries.

The USS New York went into active service today, an event covered by quite a few news services:

USS New York: Observations and Comments

The USS New York isn't built entirely of steel salvaged from the wreckage of New York City's World Trade Center: but about 7.5 tons of steel from that source is part of the bow of America's newest warship. Which is, I think, quite enough to be symbolically significant.

Quite a few people - including folks who got quoted in the news - are under the impression that the USS New York is named after New York City. The United States Navy thinks it named the ship after New York State.

The USS New York is a warship. I'll skip the traditional hand-wringing about how much nicer it would be if everybody would be nice: If you've been in America during the last four decades, you know it by heart. More specifically, it's an American warship: and America is one of the countries that sees its military as something more than a bunch of thugs hired to kill or intimidate people the leader doesn't like. "...The ship also will be used to ferry disaster relief when needed...." (CNN)

"...The $1 billion vessel was built near New Orleans by workers who survived Hurricane Katrina...." (AP, via FOXNews)

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