Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Better Ideas From France: A Hamster Cage for Humans

"Getting away from the rat race?"
Oddly Enough, Reuters blog (November 11, 2009)

"These days, lots of readers come to me and say, 'Bob, we’re tired of staying in luxury hotels when we travel. We would prefer to experience what it's like to be a small rodent.'

(French architect Frederic Tabary, from Oddly Enough, used w/o permission)

"Really? You get that a lot?

"All the time. So I tell them about 'Hamster's Villa,' over there in France, where for $148 you can sleep in the 18th century caretaker’s room designed to give the impression of living in a hamster’s cage, complete with a six-foot wheel to run in...."

Actually, it looks fun. I'm not sure I'd wear the hamster hat, though.

And, for people with that kind of disposable income, "Hamster's Villa" looks like a fun way to get a little exercise, and get some (possibly long-overdue) play time in.

More ideas - good, dubious, and strange - at "Better Ideas From ... "


Brigid said...

I'd sign up for that. Might even be more comfortable than some places designed for humans.

UNRR said...

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