Friday, November 13, 2009

Link List of Resources for Website Designers

"30 Free Online Tools to Test Your Website"

"Testing is one thing that you cannot afford to take lightly. The reason being simple, just like a minor negligence while constructing a building can cost life of millions of residents, the same way a small error left unnoticed can prove to be fatal for your website.

"Therefore, this implies that we must run our website through all necessary tests. This includes CSS Errors, HTML Errors, Crossbrowsing Errors, WAP Errors(if your site is WAP enabled) and various other tests...."

The first link is to a MarkUp Validator, which I tried out on my oldest website.

This free service was a huge improvement over the last 'markup checker' I tried - several years ago. This not only reported that there were problems - it reported what the problems were. Which, as I said, is a huge improvement. More than that: it gives the row and column in which the error occurs. The only down-side is that I'd have to do this test for each page. Which makes using the service rather labor-intensive. Still, it's free - and you can't beat that price.

Then there's the CSS Validator, Links Validator, all the way down to NetRenderer. ("An online tool to show you the appearance of your website on IE 6/7/5.5")

Bottom line? This is looks like a pretty good resource for someone who's designing a website.
A tip of the hat to timethief, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this resource.

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