Saturday, November 7, 2009

Save the Moon from the American Military-Industrial Complex - You Can't Make This Up

"Moon's Friends Say 'No' to Future Lunar Crashes" (November 6, 2009)

"When a NASA spacecraft rammed into the moon in October, it tossed up a hard-to-see plume of lunar material.

"But the event also stirred an observable cloud of public anxiety and protests in some quarters about 'bombing' the moon, a backlash that may hint at a rising 'Friends of the Moon' movement.

"On Oct. 9, the Lunar CRater Observing and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) experiment created twin impacts on the moon's surface in a search for water ice. Scientists remain busy at work analyzing data to assess whether water ice was kicked-up by the event. Given a human return to the moon, such a resource could help sustain future explorers there.

"Still, not everybody was upbeat about beating up the moon...."

"...But others found unnerving aspects to the LCROSS slam dunk.

"In the Huffington Post, screenwriter Amy Ephron called it "NASA's own version of shock and awe" and put in motion a "Help Save the Moon" Twitter Page in the hope that readers "can convince NASA not to try any further experiments of this kind," she wrote.

" 'Well, I for one, don't like explosions. Call me a pacifist, call me cautious, call me an environmentalist, or call me something worse, I don't really care,' Ephron explained.

"PC World Blogger, Jeff Bertolucci, came up with his own 'possible, covert goals' of why NASA bombed the Moon. His self-admitted lighthearted look included:

"To destroy secret alien moon bases on the far side..."

"...The Chicago Surrealist Movement put its muscle behind a 'Stop NASA From Bombing the Moon' campaign.

"That crusade called for 'Lunadarity forever!' and included a petition drive on Care2 – billed as an online community of people making a difference in healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare...."

PC World's Jeff Bertolucci is obviously playing this for laughs.

The Huffington Post's screenwriter - I'm not so sure. Ms. Ephron's remarks sound a great deal like the "space exploration is icky" attitude I kept running into on campus in the sixties, seventies, and eighties (I'm a repeater - but have turned my life around).

The Chicago Surrealist Movement? I've no idea.

What's scary, given America's track record over the last four decades, is that these "Save the Moon" people may get their way. After all, it's up to the serious thinkers to save the world from American imperialism: according to the serious thinkers.

Was this post apathetic? Not exactly, but I've written about that before.

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