Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grill That Bird! BBQ Turkey Advice for Thanksgiving

"How To BBQ a Turkey"

" If you're tired of eating dried-out oven-roasted turkey every year, or you simply need to free up more space in your oven, you might want to try using your grill to barbecue a bird this Thanksgiving. It's easier than you may think - and if the weather is warm, you may just convince the guys in your family to take care of the entree while you prepare the meal inside!

"If you'd like to learn award-winning barbecue techniques for other BBQ staples like chicken, ribs and brisket, I recommend Competition Barbecue Secrets.

"1. Prepare the turkey. First of all, remove and discard the giblets and neck from the body cavity. These are the icky parts inside the bird...."

That phrase, "the icky parts," is a tip-off that this how-2 is for people like me, who enjoy grilling - but haven't dedicated their life to the practice. If you're one of those who has a few pounds of tools arrayed around a masonry outdoor grilling installation, and carries bandoliers of spices and herbs: this article is not for you. (see "A Really Fine Grill: For Someone Else," Easy Griller (October 6, 2009))

For everybody else, there's some good advice here.

Maybe I can talk my wife into letting be grill the turkey this year.
A tip of the hat to JessicaSieghart, on Twitter, for the heads-up on this article.
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