Monday, November 30, 2009

H1N1 in Canadian Turkey Flock: The System's Working

The headline is scary:

"H1N1 flu strain found in Canadian turkey flock"
Reuters India (October 21, 2009)

"Turkeys in the Canadian province of Ontario have become infected with the H1N1 flu virus, but no birds or eggs from the farm entered the food supply, provincial government officials said on Tuesday.

"The infection poses minimal risk to human health, Dr. Arlene King, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, said in a news conference in Toronto.

"However, she noted the discovery highlights the need for those who work with farm animals to be vaccinated for both seasonal flu and the pandemic H1N1 flu strain...."

Looks like Canadian Turkey farms work about the same way their counterparts here in central Minnesota do: with health safeguards that stop short of armed guards, razor-wire fences and killer robots - but not by much.

Of course around here, when we see a sign at the gate that says something like "disease-controlled area: no entry without authorization," we figure that we aren't supposed to go in unless we've got some well-defined reason - and the permission of the owner.

And, we don't go in.

One thing I'll say for the "oppressive" atmosphere of small town America and how it "stifles" people: folks who have grown up in places like this seem to generally have the good sense to pay attention when a neighbor makes it clear that a certain area is really, seriously, off-limits.

But, like everywhere else, there are the occasional jerks and fools.

Back to those diseased turkeys.

From what the article said, it looks like the Canadian system did what it's supposed to: caught a disease outbreak before it hit the food supply.

And, followed up on people who had contact with the birds.

About the turkeys:

"...The turkeys' owner has voluntarily agreed to quarantine the infected birds, but they aren't likely to be prematurely slaughtered, said Dr. Deb Stark, Ontario's chief veterinarian...."

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