Saturday, January 3, 2009

Web Apps for College Students

"21 Excellent Web Apps For College Students"

"There is no doubt that college students depend heavily on the internet for a lot of their needs. And it's not only the entertainment quotient of the internet (movies, music, torrents, games) which attracts them. There are also useful web based tools available which helps them immensely in their day to day lives...."

The list goes from Wikipedia ("This has to be the first tool when we talk about web based tools for college students. Wikipedia, as we know is an online encyclopedia and easily the most important site to consult when it comes to research and get more information."), to Instacalc, by way of apps like Rate My Professors and PDF Notes Generator.

By far not the worst list of online apps I've seen.

One caution, though: Although Wikipedia has cleaned up its act lately, I still can't regard it as a thoroughly reliable resource.

I use Wikipedia frequently: to get an overview of a subject, collect names and search terms for further research, and for the references and external links which appear in the more useful entries.

But I very seldom use Wikipedia itself as a source. It is, in my opinion, still too easy for someone to present their preferences as facts.

As a starting point for research, however, Wikipedia is an excellent resource.

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