Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beware the Lizard People! (I'm Not Making This Up)

"The Best Conspiracy Theories (Lizard-People Are Running the World!)"
Wired (October 27, 2007)

"Nasa Faked the Moon Landings

"And Arthur C. Clarke wrote the script, at least in one version of the story. Space skeptics point to holes in the Apollo archive (like missing transcripts and blueprints) or oddities in the mission photos (misplaced crosshairs, funny shadows). A third of respondents to a 1970 poll thought something was fishy about mankind's giant leap. Today, 94 percent accept the official version... Saps!..."

Wired's 2007 article is fun reading - unless you happen to believe that lizard people run the world. One of the proponents of this idea ties Princess Di into it.

I liked the notion that shape-shifting lizard people were secretly running the world, that I used it as an example in another blog. (I ought to warn you: that link takes you to my Another War-on-Terror Blog, and over there, I'm not the Apathetic Lemming - or any other sort of fuzzy creature.

I'm not, however, scaly. Which, if I was one of Them, is just what I'd say. ;)

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