Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Monte Silo" - Cool House

"Monte-Silo House by Gigaplex Architects"
Contemporist (January 10, 2009)

"A cozy home to accommodate a single man and weekend guests, including grandchildren, next to Provo River. Two linked corrugated metal grain silos arranged to allow the largest (27' diameter) to have the most proximate visual and aural access to the Provo River, and the southern exposure to ensure passive solar heat gain during the winter...."

Where I grew up, those were called "grain bins." Silos were taller, relative to their diameter.

Never mind that.

Seven photos give a good look at a remarkable house. The website of Gigaplex Architects has more photos of the Monte-Silo - but the same text that's displayed on the Contemporist post.

A more original review of Monte Silo, which includes site and floor plans, is on the Style of Design website:

"Monte Silo / Gigaplex Architects"
Style of Design (October 31, 2008)

What still puzzles me about Monte Silo is where the two 'bed in a box' bedrooms are stowed. They don't seem to show up on the floor plan. My guess is that they occupy part of the space marked as "family room."

I'd say that Monte Silo is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 for cool residential architecture. I reserve the 10 rating for things like Robert Harvey Oshatz's Gibson Boathouse/Studio or Miyasaka Family Residence.

(from Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect, used without permission)
Robert Harvey Oshatz's Gibson Boathouse/Studio

1 comment:

Brigid said...

Cool? That place looks like it'd make a nice oven in the summer time. At the least they should be able to fry eggs on the roof.

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