Thursday, October 7, 2010

Surfing - Mice?!

"The World's First Surfing Mice - The Radical Rodents"
(embedded video not available - you can follow the link)
ganey71, YouTube (January 23, 2007)
video, 2:26

"You will not believe your eyes !!!
"Hello we are the Radical Rodents, the coolest and hippest mice in the world. We are all mad keen surfers and as far as we know are the only rodents in the world that surf, which would make us the world's smallest surfers. Our names are Chopsticks, Bunsen, Harry & Curly and we have been surfing for over 3 years. We love living here up in sunny Queensland because we get to surf most of the year as the water is warm and the weather is mild. Also there are lots of stinking rich folk with massive boats that deliver the waves which we long to ride...."

The Lemming isn't convinced that the surfing mice actually wrote that themselves - but then what business does a flannel-clad lemming have, questioning some honest rodents?

Seriously? This is a fun, fairly engaging, video, with a 'surfing music' background. And, for those with concerns for the surfing mice's (mouses'?) welfare - it's fairly obvious in the last half of the video, that they know which way it is to shore and are pretty good swimmers. And, in one case, jumper.

Fairly cute, in a wet-mouse sort of way, and fun.


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