Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Art Portraying Art: Meta-art?

"Inspired Impressions: Interior Paintings by Jeremiah Goodman"
Nicholas McLaughlin and Katy Mantyk, The Epoch Times (October 26, 2010)

"The New York School of Interior Design opened its exhibit Inspired Impressions: Interior Paintings by Jeremiah Goodman last week and will keep it running through Dec. 20.

"On show will be a retrospective of the New Yorker's signature room portraits and the iconic magazine covers he created for Interior Design Magazine. Carolina Herera, renowned clothing designer and style icon, could be seen among the guests admiring the works, one of which is a painting of her room.

"According to the New York School of Interior Design, Goodman is treasured in the interior design community for his rare ability to infuse static rooms with warmth and personality and bring them so vividly to life.

" 'I got to be known for interpreting a decorator's style,' Goodman told Home Miami.

"Still energetic and fully engaged in his work at 88, Goodman told Habitually Chic writer that growing up during the Depression instilled in him a strong work ethic, and that he still gets up every morning to draw and paint...."

The Lemming isn't sure what the status is, just now, of an artist who's chiefly known for painting representational pictures of interior designs that someone else made. I think it qualifies as "art" - but then I think highly of Norman Rockwell's work, too: including what he did before he became 'relevant.'

Which is another topic.

Sort of. Goodman is known for being the creator of covers for Interior Design magazine: which might suggest that Interior Design magazine covers are "art," while Saturday Evening Post magazine covers aren't. Or weren't.

The Lemming wrenches himself back on-topic again.

There's more detail in the article about the exhibition and Goodman's art. Which will be on display until December 20th. Even better, admission is free. All you have to do is walk over to the New York School of Interior Design exhibit at 161 East 69th Street. Folks who aren't in New York City? Well, that is yet another topic.

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