Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spartacus: Odd Name, Impressive Blog

Actually, the name of the blog is more like SPARTACUS - which is about as close as the Lemming is going to get to imitating the title graphic.

The blogger who's creating SPARTACUS (makavetis.blogspot.com) drew my attention to the blog yesterday afternoon in a comment left on yet another blog. ("Having All the Answers, Knowing Some of the Questions," A Catholic Citizen in America (October 2, 2010))

The Lemming wasn't at all sure what to expect: there's an enormous range of folks who would like to show others their new 'art' blog.

The most recent post was "El Greco - The Burial of the Count of Orgaz." (October 4, 2010)

Two things stood out:
  • Clean design that let a visitor get straight to the content
  • A pretty-good picture of the El Greco painting
    • That linked to a better one on a Picasa album
The post is short: there's that graphic, and a single-paragraph description. Pretty standard stuff, actually: but (or "and") smoothly-presented.

The next two posts treated one work each of Fran├žois Mulard, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall the same way.

Here's part of the comment I left, in response to the blogger's 'heads up:'

"...Although I take the art of folks like Walt Kelley (Pogo), Norman Rockwell, and people who haven't 'made their name' yet seriously - it's good to pay attention to the established 'greats.'..."

SPARTACUS may not be for folks who like one particular style of painting or graphic art. Mulard and Chagall, for example, aren't exactly on the same page. Maybe not in the same book.

For folks who enjoy browsing through art in a broad range of styles - done by artists who knew what they were doing - this blog looks like a pretty good place to go.

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