Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter Olympics: It's On in Vancouver

"Games open in Canada's wintry indoor paradise"
Reuters Canada (February 13, 2010)

"A snowboarder soared through the Olympic rings and skiers schussed down mountains in the unlikely confines of a stadium as Canada whipped up a wintry wilderness for Friday's opening of the 2010 Winter Games.

"Vancouver staged the first indoor opening ceremony in the 86-year history of the Winter Games, an ironic choice for a nation with more outdoors than almost any other place as the world's second largest country.

"On the big white canvas of BC Place, Canada painted starry skies, polar bears, blue ice and indigenous icons, with the participation of 60,000 'pixels' (spectators and athletes) to welcome the world to its cold yet coveted paradise.

"In what appeared to be the sole glitch of the night, only three of the four giant icicles supporting an Olympic cauldron emerged from the floor...."

Everybody else on the planet seems to be writing about the Winter Olympics in Canada: so I figured I'd put in my two cents' worth.

First of all "ironic choice" or not - I think the Olympic planners were smart to put the opening ceremonies inside. Not that the 48°F / 9°C it was there when I checked is all that bad. This time of year, here in central Minnesota, that'd be downright torrid. (It got up to 40°F on this date, back in 1967, but that's freakishly hot.)

Then there was that luge accident. I trust that: first, if there was an equipment failure it's been found and fixed; second, that we continue to see and hear about the more positive events at the Olympics.

Okay. I've written about the Winter Olympics.

Now, what else is there online?

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