Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flower Lessons in Brooklyn

"The Arrangement | Flower Lessons in Red Hook"
T Magazine Blog, The New York Times (February 3, 2010)

"Sarah Ryhanen and Nicolette Owen discovered each other the way everyone does these days: online. Ryhanen owns Saipua, a flower shop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where she also sells beautifully packaged soap made by her mother. ('Saipua' is Finnish for 'soap.') Owen runs her own Williamsburg-based flower biz focusing on private events. They are kindred spirits, who make stunning flower arrangements in the style of 'Oh, these wild things I just cut out back?' Of course, the flowers are particularly chosen and arranged — and not cheap.

"This past year, they decided to teach people how to make their own arrangements. The Little Flower School was born. Classes are held in a lofty workspace behind Saipua, which is the kind of salvaged, barn-wood-filled shop tucked behind a glass garage door that you just don't find in Manhattan...."

The post won't do you much practical good, unless you live in the Brooklyn area. Or are so motivated that you'll commute from wherever you are, to take those classes.

On the other hand, there are photos of some of the flower arrangements: and looking at those might brighten an otherwise dull day. Or hour. Well, they might perk you up for a minute or two.

Seriously? Flower arrangement is something that I've tried to do: without success. I understand the principles, but getting the things to go where they're supposed to - and stay there - is something that escaped me.

My hat's off to people who have the skill and talent.

I don't, as a rule, add links from the original articles and blog posts that I micro-review here. This is an exception, since the blog, at least, is well-illustrated with photos.

Again, that blog:

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