Sunday, February 21, 2010

Airliner of the Future: Prototype in 1950s

"Northrup Wing"
Flying Wing, Future Flight, Tales of Future Past

"The Northrup Flying Wing was an aircraft that can only be called ahead of its time. This was a machine that by some uncanny fluke managed to leap off the pages of Air Wonder Stories and into the skies. This had to be the aeroplane of the FUTURE. It had that bold, clean line to it; that classic shape that stood out like the spindle shape of a V2 rocket...."

(Northrop, via Tales of Future Past, used w/o permission)

That's a concept drawing for a passenger version of the experimental bomber. The flying wing was abandoned in the early fifties, because of problems with stability. Today, we've got control systems that can handle that sort of thing: so the luxurious passenger airliner imagined by Northrop may exist - someday.

The 1953 version of "War of the Worlds" features the Northrop Flying Wing, briefly.

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