Thursday, February 18, 2010

Assertive Chickadees: A Photo

Photo Album (Mendon Ponds Park)

"At Mendon we can feed the birds by hand. They harass you until you cough up the seed"

That thumbnail links to a 2020 × 1636 pixel photo of chickadees, seed, and someone's hand.

The online photo album has (dozens? I didn't count them all) of other views of birds, plants, and landscapes at Mendon Ponds Park. It's on the website.

About Mendon Ponds Park:

"Welcome to my Mendon Ponds Park pages. Another beautiful park in my area, I have spent a lot of time exploring this park which is rather large. I used to mountain bike here until I got into a heated debate with a horseback rider telling me that mountain bikers destroy trails. This while she sat on the back of a 1400 lb. horse making moon crates in the trail. The trail was so wrecked by horse hooves that you could barely walk down it! Anyhow... "

Assuming that Mendon Ponds Park is near Mr. Wyman's residence, it's probably in the Rochester, New York, area.

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