Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Swanky Treehouse" in Oregon: The Wilkinson Residence

"Wilkinson Residence in Portland is one swanky treehouse"
Green Diary (January 18, 2010)

"Evoking the feeling of being in a tree house is exactly what the beautiful Wilkinson residence in Portland does. Located on a flag lot, the extraordinary house is brilliantly designed to perfectly blend with the natural landscape. A steep sloping grade provided the opportunity to bring the main level of the house into the tree canopy...."

The article is mostly photos: 10, including the one shown here.

And kudos to Green Diary, for including a link to the architect's portfolio page: "Wilkinson Residence." (Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect)

This "swanky treehouse" is in Portland, Oregon. In that area, anyway: I don't know how many wooded lots there are in the city itself.

The article is brief, almost terse, but that photos make up for that. The Wilkinson Residence is a remarkable - and non-standard - house.

I think that calling it a "swanky treehouse" may have unintentionally revealed something about the houses of people who can afford to built a house that they want, rather than something that's closer to the 50th percentile.

These folks are doing what many of us did as kids: building a place of their own, for their own use, without too much consideration of what everybody else thinks.

I think that's great. And, as long as there isn't a sort of "more sustainable than thou" attitude of superiority over folks who don't have huge bankrolls (there isn't a breath of that in the Green Diary article), I have no problem with someone living in the sort of greenhouse Flash Gordon might have.

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Dan Wright said...

I'm curious about the foundation... Underneath the cedar shingled wall, is that all poured concrete? It's a fantastic looking structure, that's for sure...

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

Dan Wright,

That's a very good question: The Green Diary essentially lifted the architect's description of the residence - and both emphasized the overall impression of the place more than materials. Apart from mentioning some of the finish.

Poured concrete - or pre-cast, although I think that's unlikely - seems the most reasonable guess at what the foundation is made of.

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