Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lingo Slinger: Writing by a Writer Who Writes

Lingo Slinger

A writer's blog. LS claims that the blog is: "An eclectic collection of quirky, provocative, edgy, hip fiction and poetry. Selina writes fluid prose that cuts like a knife and often takes the reader where others don't go. Themes such as sex, death, relationships, family, addiction, and life are rampant."

After a quick once-over, I think she's right.

One of those Big Brother services rated Lingo Slinger NC-17, so be warned. And, yes: I recognize that ratings can be useful. I'm still getting over research I did for a post in another blog. Turns out that, according to a Missouri's own MIAC, I may be a dangerous anti-establishment radical. I missed my chance in the sixties, but 'better late than never.'

Anyway: Lingo Slinger is, definitely, a writer's blog. It's not exactly the style I generally read: but that's a matter of taste and perspective.


Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks Norski! I appreciate the post and feedback. I am indeed a writer who writes, continually working to be better every day. :)

Brian H. Gill said...

Selina Jane,

My pleasure: Best wishes with writing.

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