Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sustainable High Fashion?

"Good job on the lipstick, Zippy!"
Oddly Enough Reuters blog (March 13th, 2009)

Okay, fashion design staff, today's the big show. Now remember, we got these models to sign some pretty specific release forms, so let’s make sure we do this right.

All of them agreed we could have a poorly-trained chimpanzee put their lipstick on, right? Good. That’ll save us some money.

Herb, which models said it was okay for us to put plastic trash bags, driftwood and shrink-wrapped beer cans on their heads? Okay, fine....

If you like "Oddly Enough"'s notion of what's funny, you'll probably enjoy this. If not, or if you take haute couture (that's French for "really expensive, incredibly ugly, stuff slung on scrawny women") seriously: stay away.

That black hat doesn't look so much like a hubcap to me, as a laundry basket that didn't quite survive a fire.


robert basler said...

I think that fashion post is hysterical. Oh wait, it's MY blog...

Thanks for the link,
Bob Basler

Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

robert basler/Bob Basler,

My pleasure! And, it was hysterical. Although individual reactions may vary.

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