Sunday, March 22, 2009

Confluences: Curiously Cozy Couches

"Confluences by Philippe Nigro"
Contemporist (January 28, 2009)

"Confluences is a new collection of upholstered seating that French designer Philippe Nigro has created for the furniture manufacturer Ligne Roset...."

There's the usual artsy sales pitch: "...breaks with all the normal conventions ... radical design ... seduced by a multiplicity of possible sitting positions ... yet unheard-of conviviality offered ... unbridled compositions ... evocative names such as the 'Toi et moi' " (That's French, so you know it's artistic and cultural).

Despite this, I think we're looking at an imaginative, attractive, set of furniture. Some of the configurations struck me as looking cozy. That's not the impression I get, on seeing most contemporary furniture designs.

It surprised me was I found some of the configurations visually appealing. Generally speaking, I tend to see weird new furniture as clever, or innovative, or quirky. "Appealing" was a bonus.

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