Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lemming Tracks: The Lemming is Back

Last night, a little before 11:00 p.m. here in central Minnesota, the Lemming wrapped up the first post of yesterday's posts: "Shifty Surface on Mars?." Then, since it belongs in the "Mars, Mostly" and "A Serious Search for Other Worlds, Life, and - Maybe - Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence " and lists, the Lemming got to work adding a link to each.

Around midnight, the Lemming decided that enough was enough, washed dishes, and went to bed.

Blogger was working fine - unless the Lemming wanted to edit a post. Any post. It wasn't this household's Internet connection or related issues - other websites and online services were working fine, including some that are bucky now and again.

The Lemming's computer is okay, too: at least, resource-intensive software worked fine, and a malware scan came up clean.

All of which is to explain why you only saw one post yesterday.

And that one rather late in the day, even for the Lemming.

Maybe the Lemming shouldn't procrastinate so much.

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