Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hangovers: Prevention and 'Cures'

"Prevent a Hangover"
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"Hangovers are one of life's big mysteries. Not their origin -- that's obvious enough -- but rather why we still have to deal with them.

"We have been to the moon and split the atom, but a true cure or foolproof preventative measure for the hangover remains elusive. It's just not fair.

"Most doctors will tell you there is no way to cure a hangover, save waiting for your body to metabolize and get rid of the alcohol. While that may be true, there are number of things you can do to speed things up.

"Here's our guide to preventing a hangover and, failing that, speeding its departure...."

What's there so far seems like common-sense advice to the Lemming, like "don't drink on an empty stomach" and "Know your limits."

The Lemming hasn't confirmed this, but another bit of advice makes sense:

"Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Although all of these are helpful for relieving headaches, you're better off avoiding them when you're hung over. Aspirin is a blood thinner, but so is alcohol. Combining the two is a bad idea. Acetaminophen when combined with alcohol can cause liver damage, and ibuprofen is more likely to irritate your stomach lining when combined with alcohol...."

More about:
The Lemming takes the "know your limit" approach, which resulted in my watching New York City's Times Square bash from a distance of about a thousand miles. ("Lemming Tracks: Happy New Year, 2011!" (January 1, 2011))

"Prevent a Hangover" is one of those do-it-yourself articles that Wired does. Like it says after the introduction:

"...This article is part of a wiki anyone can edit. If you have advice to add about beating the morning after blues, log in and contribute. Spam will be deleted. ..."

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