Thursday, January 27, 2011

At Last! A History of the Limburger Cheese Sandwich!

"History of Limburger Cheese"
Linda Stradley, Limburger Cheese - Limburger Sandwich / Limburger History - Limburger Sandwich Recipe, What's Cooking America (2004)

"You can tell you are approaching Monroe, Wisconsin, when cheese factories and dairy cows begin to appear all over the countryside. Just veer off the highways onto Wisconsin's back roads to discover the dozens of small, quality cheese producers.

"One cheese in particular stand alone in Monroe. That is Limburger cheese, undoubtedly one of the slinkiest cheeses in the world! Limburger actually smells worse than it tastes. For many people though, the aroma is both the beginning and the end of the acquaintance. It is a food people either love or love to hate.

"This cheese gets more pungent with age...."

It's possible that you'll find more than you want to know about Limburger cheese on this page.

There's even a recipe for a Limburger cheese sandwich. It involves an onion.

Bon appetit!


Brigid said...

That reminds me of what Mom said when you noted the triple onion cheeseburger on a restaurant menu. "And you're sleeping where tonight?"

Brian, aka Aluwir, aka Norski said...



As I recall, it was garlic.

I like garlic. Your Mom - has a much better sense of smell than I do.

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