Saturday, May 16, 2009

Very Odd Gizmos for the Home

"Top 10 Wacky Inventions for the Home"
howstuffworks (undated)

"We all know someone who's a little gadget crazy. She was the first in line for the iPhone -- because she camped out at the Apple store. He bribed his son or daughter with energy drinks and extra allowance to sit up for hours waiting for the PS3, and has done unspeakable acts to get his hands on a Wii Fit. These people spend their weekends at places like the Home Depot, Brookstone and Sharper Image to fill their homes with really neat-looking stuff that doesn't have much purpose. Their spouses would probably tell you that the obsessive gadget blogging is taking the romance out of life.­..."

That's the introduction to a sequence of pages, starting with "10. Glowing Fruit Bowl" (Not as crazy as it sounds: it bathes what's in the bowl with UV light); and ending with "1. Hovering Recliner." Along the way, there's the Fold-out Balcony, and Swiss Army Bathroom. I wouldn't recommend the latter for anyone who's on the fuzzy side in the morning.

I think the weirdest of the lot is is "4. Woofer Speaker System."

That's what it's called - and that's a photo of it. The text says that these woofer speakers' "dog statue design is suited for a hunting lodge, rec room or pop art studio." I can see the pop art studio scenario: but it's a little hard to picture a set of those things gracing a hunting lodge or rec room.

But, not impossible.

Those woofers come in either white, or black.

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