Friday, May 15, 2009

FBI Bloggers - Top-Notch Hawaiian Blogs ("From Big Island")

"Big News: The Right Blue Joins FBI Bloggers (no, really!)"
The Right Blue (May 14, 2009)

"Earlier this week we were invited to join FBI Bloggers, and we gladly agreed to become a part of the team. No, not that government organization. FBI in this case stands for 'From Big Island' -- that is, the Big Island of Hawaii, our home.

"FBI: From Big Island. That's us!

"Awhile back, Big Island blogger Damon Tucker decided to create a website to gather 'the Big Island's best blogs' into one location. FBI Blogs is that website...."

That's From Big Island (FBI) - The Big Island's Best Blogs -

Featured posts, when I checked in were: You may have to click a couple times, to get out of FBI Blogs to the blogs themselves - but it's nowhere near as annoying a process as some 'directory' sites make it.

And, judging from today's crop, the photos in these "FBI Blogs" are spectacular.

A tip of the hat to bnsullivan, at Twitter, for the heads-up on this.


The Right Blue said...

Thanks for the article about FBI Blogs, Brian. I'm sure my fellow FBI Bloggers will be pleased, too. I'll pass along the link to your post.


Brian, aka Nanoc, aka Norski said...

The Right Blue,


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