Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Montauk Monster is Back: Photo Revealed

"Return of the Montauk Monster"
WABC / (May 12, 2009)

"The odd-looking creature known as the Montauk Monster is back.

"According to the blog,, the carcass of the odd-looking creature, washed up a Long Island shore last week...."

(from, via WABC, used w/o permission)

The Montauk Monster's back: again. The article's about a photo taken, we're told, May 6, 2009. It's just about the first thing you'll see in the article. Whatever the critter was, it was rather the worse for wear by the time it's picture was taken.

According to the ABC station, people have speculated that it's the :
  • Loch Ness (they spelled it Lochness) Monster or
  • Work of a special effects or Photoshop master
Last year, I came up with another explanation: The Montauk Monster is Elvis, who was really a space alien, and whose death was being covered up by other space aliens.

If I really believed that bit of craziness, this ABC station's article would be proof that I was right. WABC deliberately ignored The Truth (that's my crazy story about Elvis), and are probably in league with Them.

I did two posts on the Montauk Monster last year, spending a little more time on discussing what was going on. Check out the "Related posts" if you're interested.

And, to be very clear on this: No, I do not think it's Elvis.

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