Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Yorker Magazine Cartoons: on T-Shirts, Watches - - -
"New Yorker Cartoons & Cover Prints, Gifts and more!"

New Yorker magazine has been publishing cartoons for much longer than I've been around: which is saying something.

If your life won't be complete without a T-shirt with some New Yorker cartoon on it, this site's for you.

Actually, you'll find plenty of opportunities for spending money here: the "2008 Cartoon Yearbook," "The Fine Art of Saul Steinberg," and (I'm not making this up) a New Yorker wristwatch: with a collage of Rea Irvin covers and Eustace (that's the dude on the NY cover) on it's dial. Think upscale Mickey Mouse.

You can browse cartoons, too: by topic, which helps get to something you'd be interested in. There's even a "New Yorker" topic.

The cartoons have a watermark on them, and the quality of their appearance isn't calculated to encourage someone to pay for a copy - but they're legible, for the most part, and generally have the captions in readable text below the graphic.

Seriously? The New Yorker has attracted some pretty good cartoonists over the years. Being a New York City magazine, and having "New York" as part of the magazine's name, and reflecting the attitudes and mores of New York City's better sort, it's been considered an honor and distinction to be allowed on New Yorker magazine pages.

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