Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Passive House in France

"franklin azzi architecture: passive house, normandy france"
designboom (undated: probably May, 2009)

"franklin azzi architecture designed 'passive house', through renovating a former hunting house in normandy, france. the extension consists of wood, canvas covers a camouflage of the cuban army. above is a wooden terrace overlooking the valley. slabs of the house to the left and right include a heated floor and external industrial sockets. in front of the house is a bunker made from concrete for an office...."

the very e. e. cummings-ish lack of capitalization shows, i suppose, how terribly creative and aesthetic the blog is. or maybe their shift key broke.

Typographical conceits aside, this is a quite good post about a building project in France. There isn't much descriptive text, but the fifteen pictures (a mixture of architectural models and on-site photos) illustrate the progression from a nearly-roofless wreck to a high-end house.

One with hybrid solar power, recyclable materials, and rainwater collection.

(from franklin azzi architecture, via designboom, used w/o permission)
'passive house'

That last item, rainwater collection, caught my eye. Older houses, when I was growing up, often had gutters and downspouts leading rainwater from the roof to a cistern. People didn't drink the stuff: but it was clean enough for washing. Quite a few of these 'new' technologies aren't all that new.

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